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Reasons Why Natural Skincare Products Are the Best Choice for Your Skin

Have you ever taken time to research and understand the chemicals contained within your personal skincare products? No? Well, most consumers don’t so you’re not alone. It wasn’t until I was directly impacted by a medical concern involving my son where I had to become knowledgeable on each product that he used including soap, clothes detergent, lotion, lip balm and deodorant. Based on this medical condition, I learned how chemicals contained within products would be absorbed through each layer of skin and ultimately transmitted into the bloodstream and/or lymphatic system. Now, if all of our personal skincare products were based on natural and healthy ingredients, this wouldn’t raise concern. However, this certainly is not the case as products may contain harmful synthetic ingredients which over time can pose threats to our bodies. This absorption process into our skin results from chemical molecular properties that allow chemicals to penetrate our skin cells and then process within our bodies in our bloodstream, lymphatic system and internal organs. Some of the chemicals are ultimately excreted from our bodies, but not after potentially causing damage or reacting with consumed medications.

Based on these facts, I would encourage you to read your product ingredients and conduct your own research on each item listed. Be sure to focus on ingredients that you can’t pronounce – these ingredients are typically the ones containing harmful synthetic chemicals. I can guarantee you’ll experience emotions of shock and disgust once discovering the degree of chemicals applied to your body on a consistent basis. Welcome to the light! Use this new awareness to make better product selections for yourself and your family. And if you feel extra compelled, use this knowledge to educate others around you.

One other interesting tidbit, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require products categorized as cosmetics to be FDA approved prior to entering the consumer market. The FDA defines a product as being cosmetic if it’s intended to be rubbed, sprinkled, sprayed, poured or introduced to the human body. By definition this includes moisturizers, lotions, cleansing products such as shampoos, and body wash, perfume, lipstick, etc. The only safeguards in place by the FDA to regulate cosmetic-based products relate to prohibiting the marketing of adulterated and mislabeled products.

Have I provided enough reasons why it’s imperative to research the ingredients in your skincare products? I think so!

Now, let’s highlight reasons why natural skincare products are the best choice for your skin – if it isn’t already apparent.

1. Natural products are formulated with simple and nourishing ingredients that offer your skin exactly what it needs.

2. They contain vital minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, such as Vitamins A, C, B, D, E, copper, zinc, Omega 3-fatty acids, and other wholesome properties.

3. They offer protection for your health as minerals and nutrients are absorbed through your skin and ultimately into your bloodstream and lymphatic system.

4. They omit harmful ingredients and skin irritants.

5. These products are most likely vegan and omit animal-based products.

6. They are better for the environment by being earth-friendly.

If you’re looking to start a new journey with a wholesome natural body product, check out LKN. We offer all natural and vegan-based body butters and body and lip scrubs. Each product offers the most optimum infusion of vital minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Our products omit harmful chemicals and essentially help you maintain clean, healthy and beautiful skin and hair.

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